October 23, 2014

Temporary Hiatus

Welcome to iBry.ca

I've decided to take a short break and recharge myself.  This decision isn't motivated by any one particular problem, subject, or anything like that - its just time to step out of the pit and take a breather before jumping back in.  How long is questionable.  It could be a few days, weeks or longer - I haven't decided at this point.

But before I sign off I want to pass along my condolences & thoughts to the families and friends of two military officers who lives were cut short by disgusting acts of terrorism in Ottawa and Quebec.  These terrorist attacks threaten our country as a whole - our values, our sense of freedom - our very way of life and they must be stopped at any cost.

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to all the people who protect this country.  Their bravery has not gone unnoticed.   Those who have paid the ultimate price to ensure we are safe deserve our utmost gratitude even if nothing we ever say or do will be enough to repay these amazing people for their commitment to our Country.

For what it's worth to all those who protect us, Thank you & stay Safe.